We bring together plastics companies

Let’s share knowledge,
let’s create the future.

The Plastics Cluster provides a platform for development, collaboration and innovation in plastics, connects professionals and enhances the competitiveness of its members.

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Services and membership benefits

Research and development

We provide an overview of advanced technologies and methods for innovation in plastics that support research and development in your company.

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Savings through joint purchases

We help reduce costs through our joint energy and raw material sourcing projects and efficient joint investments.
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Human resources development and networking

We strengthen employee expertise through training programmes and develop professional networks for effective collaboration.
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Other membership benefits

As a member of the Plastics Cluster, you gain access to exclusive benefits that expand your business opportunities, including access to the latest industry information.
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Why work with us?

Working with us means not only growing and developing your business, but also the opportunity to be part of a community that actively contributes to the progress and sustainability of the plastics sector.


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Together, we create the future of plastics
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We connect experts in the plastics industry
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Spolupráce vedoucí k inovacím
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