Our Strategy

Our vision: To develop the Zlín Region into the Czech Republic's centre of innovative plastics processing 


  • Create a representative forum for plastics manufacturers in the Zlín Region

  • Set up effective networks of plastic processors for the use of selected services and products, as a prerequisite for increasing both performance and competitiveness

  • Provide supportive background for joint development projects  

Key Activities

The main acitivites of the Plastics Cluster, which have been continuously financially supported through MIT CR/EU projects, target the following areas: Research, Development and Innovation, Human Resources, and Joint Purchase. 

Research, Development and Innovation

Objective: Increasing the competitiveness of Plastr member companies by applying new raw materials and additives. Introduction of new technologies in Plastr member companies. Eliminating the weaknesses of SME members that do not have an infrastructure to test new materials.

Material Research

Research on materials is oriented in two main directions: New raw materials (new polymers and additives, nanofillers, biopolymers, etc.) and Optimization of polymer blends.

Technological Development

The offer of facilities for research, development and innovation is ensured by both own technology investments of Plastr and also by close cooperation with Tomas Bata University in Zlín, in particular the Polymer Centre and the Center of Polymer Systems.  In this way, Plastr members are given access to high quality R&D infrastructure.

Centre for Plastic Products Modeling

Plastr aims to equip its own Centre for Plastic Products Modeling with selected R&D infrastructure to the level that ensures synergies with the regional R&D centers and enables the use of this background for new research projects. These devices are currently available. 


Objective: Increasing the professional level of employees of Plastr member companies. Transfer of R&D outputs to operators and technologists. Presentation of plastics processing innovations. Focus on secondary school/university students through joint activities professional excursions, internships, diploma theses.

Professional Workshops, Seminars and Training

We regularly organize meetings for targeted groups of employees of our member companies, so-called "Plastr's Thursdays". We also organize professional trainings and workshops for operators of technological equipment of individual processing technologies (injection, extrusion,…). 

Student Internships and Practice

For Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) students, we organize professional internships in Plastr member companies, which on one hand represents an important work experience for students and on the other hand the possibility of choosing new employees for companies. We also cooperate with TBU and our member secondary schools in updating the study programmes and specialized subjects. 


Objective: Increasing the competitiveness of cluster member companies by cutting costs.

Joint purchase of electrical energy

Joint purchase of gas

Joint purchase of raw materials

Joint purchase of overhead materials

Cluster Office

Objective: Ensuring the functional administrative Plastr facilities 

Operation of Plastr office

Cluster members performance measurement and benchmarking

Promotion and publicity